• Merise intelligent access control

      Merise intelligent access control:  With China’s current efforts to develop and support the Internet of things technology, the development of intelligent security access control is imperative. According to the study of access control market, more than 70% of end users and 80% of industry respondents believe that in the next 3 to 5 years, they want to replace the traditional access control methods with mobile phones, IC cards, vouchers and other ways. This survey further proves that in the future, intelligent access control will gradually enter thousands of households, thus replacing the traditional door lock. 

    • Merise intelligent gate lock

      Merise intelligent door lock: Lead the industry trend and introduce a new generation of intelligent lock. The latest dust-proof, moisture-proof, lightning-proof, and theft-proof technology is applied to create a powerful lock, which is new in style and affordable in price. Look forward to your purchase!

    • Merise Cloud Platfrom

      Merise cloud platform: Merise cloud service Platform adopts the international standard technical framework, Its software and hardware are equipped with the quality report of each software test center and quality inspection center; In addition, the Company is focused on building around the community owners, community businesses, property management, a comprehensive, customized network service platform.

    • 3D face recognition system

      Merise 3D face recognition system: 3D face recognition system, which can recognize things as intuitively as human eyes, is the world’s first fast and accurate three-dimensional human face recognition equipment. The time of identification is only 1 seconds. One walks or runs over to the equipment, and then simply has a look at it. It will identify whether or not the identity is registered previously. Registration time for each person is only 2 seconds and the number of registered persons can reach more than 100,000.Neither direct physical contact nor precise positioning is needed in front of the device, regardless of age or height. 3D face recognition system, similar to the human eye, is equipped with a 3D vision system to collect the three-dimensional model of human face. Distinguishable geometric accuracy can reach a fraction of a millimeter and even the identical twins can be distinguished. Ataike 3D face recognition system is one of the most accurate biometric identification devices in the current world.

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